Maracas Beach

At just an hour away from Port of Spain, you’ll find the best shark and bake. It’s one of the most popular spots because of its proximity to the capital city. Just be sure to drive cautiously through the mountains as the turns can be sharp!

Mayaro Bay

This is a touristy location where you can take a kayak out or even set up camp. The beach stretches for 9 miles (or approx. 15 km), and features beautiful coconut trees and beach houses. This was my favourite spot for vacations when I was growing up! -V

Las Cuevas Beach

Although this is located only 15 minutes away from Maracas Beach, this destination has much calmer waters. There’s a dense forest located next to Las Cuevas, providing a lot of privacy for those who are looking for peace and quiet.


Pigeon Point

This is considered Tobago’s most popular beach with white sands and beautiful turquoise waters. There are glass-bottom boat tours for the family and one of the most popular dishes on the island – crab and dumpling! Just keep in mind, Tobago is only accessible by plane or boat.

Nylon Pool

The shallow waters here are near to Pigeon Point and can be accessed by boat. The name is derived from its swimming pool-like characteristics, and is picturesque to say the least. There are also glass-bottom tours available here, perfect for scuba diving!

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